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Access Statement...

We endeavour to cater for the needs of our visitors in our home based three bedroomed bed and breakfast B&B. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If there are any specific questions please contact us and we will do our utmost to help.

1. We can be contacted via the phone 016977 47214 or email info@hillonthewall.co.uk.
2. Breakfast Menus can be provided in large print if required. The breakfast menu is explained on arrival, so if there are any queries we will be able to deal with these then.
3. A copy of this access statement can be sent via post, if required.
4. There is a 685 bus service from Newscastle and Carlisle to Gilsland. The bus stop is in the village opposite the shop. The AD 122 Hadrian's Wall Bus follows the line of the Wall. There is not an actual hail service on the bus but it will stop outside our house, if the driver is asked. You will need to state the name of our establishment and advise that we are approximately half a mile from the village.
5. The main towns in the area are Brampton, Haltwhistle and Hexham and the mileage from Gilsland is respectively 7 miles, 6 miles and 19 miles

Arrival and Parking facilities:
1. At the bottom of our drive there is a sign stating we are The Hill on the Wall B and B.
2. There is ample parking on the side of the house.
3. From the car parking area there are nine size steps, then an area of approximately 3 paces, then another step, which takes you up to the front of the house. There is one other step before entering the house. All steps are of average size. This is the only access into our house.
4. On the left hand side of the door there is a push button bell.
5. In the evenings there is a light over the garage door and also a light sensor over the bottom of the first step. The light should stay on sufficiently long enough for you to climb the steps.
6. Once in the house there are 8 watt emergency lights over the door and the stairway. These are on 24/7 (there is a backup battery suppy in case of electricity power failure).
7. Should any assistance be required to access our property please do not hestitate to let us know.
8. We are non smoking and pet free in the whole of the house.

Main entrance and reception area:
1. To confirm there is one step up to the reception area, height 170 cm.
2. The hall has a ceramic tiled floor, with a runner.
3. There are no loop systems or background music in the house.
4. If required a pad/pen could be provided on arrival. These are already provided in the guest bedrooms.
5. There is an 8 watt emergency light in the hallway and over the stairs 24/7.
6. There is only two keys per room. The master keys held by the owners in their private area.
7. Seating is available in the hall by way of a church pew.
8. All guests are personally shown to their rooms by one or other of the owners, which covers a short familiarisation tour.
9. The front door is 90 cm in width, with leaded glass panels.
10.There are no lifts to the first floor or hand or grab rails in the hall.

Public areas - Guest lounge and staircase:
1. The guest lounge has a manual leaf door 96 cm wide as does the breakfast room which is 91 cm wide.
2. There is a full fire alarm but no disabled access call buttons.
3. Both and guest lounge and the breakfast room are on the ground floor. The lounge and the breakfast room have wooden floors with rugs (not thick pile).
4. There is a twin bedded, ensuite room on the ground floor, off of the guest lounge.
5. There are no public phones or other provisions, such as induction loops.
6. There is a staircase to the first floor 114 cm wide, seven (7) steps, a half landing and seven (7) further steps. The stairs are carpeted.
7. In addition to the emergency lights the Hall is well lit with two switches operating the lights. One for the hall and one for the stairs. The Hall itself is quite spacious.
8. There are no special baby changing facilities, except those that are in the bathrooms.

Public areas - wc - ground floor:
1. There is no public wc, except for the bathroom in the ground floor bedroom.
2. There is a private wc on the first floor available by prior arrangement.
3. There are two further bedrooms on the first floor. One ensuite and another with a private bathroom.

Breakfast room:
1. The table is 273 cm. long and 107 cm.wide, with an underspace of 62 cm. There are six chairs and two carvers at the table.

Local Shop:
There is a local shop in the village where most general items can be purchased, We hold a supply of postage stamps, for your convenience.

Service washes and drying can be arranged, by prior arrangement.

Outdoor facilities:
We have a slabbed patio outside of the door, which runs the length of the house. This leads to a grass area approximately with nine (9) which leads to a gravelled area and rose garden. There are further steps leading down to the very bottom of the garden.

At the side of the house there is The Hill with approximately 10 trees on it with a path at the side which leads to another part of the front garden.

As you drive up the tree lined driveway, on your right hand side there is a conservation/drying area. A woodshed and orchard with a fenced off vegetable garden.

1. The first floor bedrooms are not suitable for wheelchair users.
2. The fire alarm is audible only. The owners will alert all guests/visitors in the event of a fire.
3. The TV's/Videos/Digi boxes in the rooms have remote controls with small buttons.
4. There are no provisions or aids.
5. The flooring is fully carpeted.
6. There is task and ceiling lighting in each bedroom. All of the lights are low energy.
7. There are two twin bedded rooms (Flavian's Folly and Hadrian's Retreat) and one double bedded room (Caligula's Chamber).

Single beds:
Flavian's Folly bed width 3ft, height 2ft.
Hadrian's Retreat bed width 3ft, height 2ft.

Double bed:
Caligula's Chamber 5ft king size bed, height 2ft.

Rooms are generally painted light green with white wordwork/varnished wood skirting boards, pine. oak and mahagony furniture.

8. Guest information can be printed in large font by prior arrangement.
9. There are no steps on the first floor.
10. There is a flower stand on the half landing.
11. There are tea and coffee facilities in the rooms.
12. There are no fridges in the rooms.
13. Walls are generally light in colour.
14. There is no room service for food in the bedrooms.
15. We have non feather pillows available.
16. We are non smoking and pet free in all bedrooms.

Ensuite and Private Bathrooms:
1. Ensuite bathrooms are within the rooms, Flavian's Folly and Caligula's Chamber.
2. The private bathrooms is three paces across the landing from Hadrian's Retreat.
3. Fire Alarm is audible only.
4. There is a small support rail in each of the showers only and moulded in grab supports in the bath in Hadrian's Retreat private facilities. There are no other support rails or alarm systen/pull cords.
5. Ensuites are:

Flavian's Folly
Bathroom door is single leaf, width 76cm, with a lever handle.
Shower tray is 81 cm x 118 cm with a door entry of 90 cm.
Lightswitch outside of bathroom.
There is one shower head with a manual mixer.
There is a grab rail in the shower unit.
The hand basin is in a unit with a shelf.
There are no support rails.
The WC is 43 cm high and available space around the WC is70 cm.to the left 30 cm to the right.
There is no seat adjuster or raiser/support rail.
There is a wooden laundry box in the bathroom 50 cm x 38 cm x 50 cm.
Floor surface is non slip tile, slightly rough surface, medium in colour.
Bathroom is fully tiled, light coloured.
We have no Provisions or Aids.

Caligula's Chamber
Bathroom door is single leaf, width 75 cm. with a lever handle.
Shower tray is 83 cm x 125 cm.with a door entry of 82 cm.
Lightswitch outside of bathroom.
There is one shower head with a manual.
There is a grab rail in the shower unit.
The hand basin has no underspace, height 43 cm. and has a round font.
There are no support rails around hand basin.
The height of the WC is 43 cm. Available space around the pedestal is 70 cm to the left and 30 cm to the right.
There is no seat adjuster or raiser/support rail.
There is a wooden laundry box in the bathroom, 50 cm x 38 cm x 50 cm.
Floor is non slip ceramic tiles, dark in colour.
Bathroom is fully tiled. half light and half darker green tiles, with border.
We have no Provisions or Aids.

The private bathroom is:

Hadrian's Retreat
Door is single leaf,width is 76 cm with a round ceramic handle.
There is a bath height 54 cm width 67 cm length 164 cm. Grab handles moulded into bath itself.
Shower tray is 76 cm x 75 cm with a door entry 59 cm.
Lightswitch outside of bathroom.
There is one shower head with a manual mixer.
The hand basin has no underspace. Pedestal is round font. There are no support rails around the hand basin.
The WC height is 43 cm. Available space around the pedestal is 30 cm.to the left and 110 cm. to the right.
There is a round laundry basket in the bathroom, height 40 cm.
Floor surfaces in bathrooms is non slip ceramic tiles, dark in colour.
Bathroom is fully tiled and light/medium in colour.
WC does not have seat adjuster or raiser/support rails.

Additional Information:
1. You must advise us at the time of booking of any special dietry requirements you may require. Without prior notice we may not be able to provide what you require.
2. Assistance dogs are welcomed by arrangement.
3. There is a mobile phone reception generally on the first floor of the property.
4. We use the front door in the need of evacuation, We will alert residents personally if this is needed.
5. We are a totally non smoking building.
6. We can accept small items of food/medication for storage in our fridge by arrangement.

Contact Information:

Address: The Hill, Gilsland, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 7DA ~ Telephone: 016977 47214
Fax: N/A, Minicom: N/A ~ E Mail: info@hillonthewall.co.uk
Grid Reference: NY 628666

Hours of Operation:
Arivals 4 - 6.00 p.m. (please notify us if you are going to be later than 6.00 p.m.)
Departures by 10.15a.m. (other times by arrangement)

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